Peter von Poehl Marie Modiano

Introduction by Gennaro Rispoli – Director of the Museo Arti Sanitarie di Napoli

Ballad Of The Spirits

17th September 2021

at 6pm

The theme of our show is timeless: two musicians, Peter and Marie, walk through a garden at dusk invoking the spirits of great personalities who helped define the history of Capri for the whole of the 19th Century.

Like two moths, our protagonists move side by side, like vagabonds from nowhere. They busy themselves through music and tales in a form of séance, offering to the audience words inspired directly from the lives of artists and key figures from the history of Capri, an island 'whose soul has never ceased growing'. They live these places and recite and honour unedited poetry and original songs and popular arias, for example the emotionally moving 'Dreams of Long Ago' by Enrico Caruso, the words of which echo with this mysterious meeting of ghosts. 'I sit alone / my heart remembers / Memories of when you were mine (…..) Dreams, only dreams of long ago / Dreams of days we both knew / Time cannot……

How to Reach - Map

Villa Lysis

Via Lo Capo, 12 - CAPRI

Villa Lysis
Anne Elsa Tremoulet
Beatrice Muthelet
Clement Noel
Fabrizia Sacchi
Jerome Lefranc
Marie Modiano
Peter von Poehl
Mauro Gioia
Charlotte Cushman
Lowes Cato Dickinson
John Gibson
Edmonia Lewis
Henry Wreford
Mary Wreford


Music And Silence

Ombra Felice Quartet

16th September
at 6pm

Béatrice Muthelet – alto, Clément Noel – oboe, Anne-Elsa Tremoulet – violin, Jerome Le Franc – cello


Ballad Of The Spirits

Peter von Poehl and Marie Modiano

17th September
at 6pm


I Am A phantom Fool

Fabrizia Sacchi

18th September
at 6pm

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